Everything Stockbridge, GA Residents Should Know About Leasing

It seems everywhere you turn, there is more information and advertising regarding automotive leases. We do get a lot of questions about leasing and we are aware there is a lot of incorrect information in the public regarding lease agreements. Some of our Stockbridge, GA customers have expressed it is tough to tell the difference between the misinformation and the factual information. Willett Honda South, located at 6871 Mount Zion Blvd in Morrow, GA, has compiled some facts about leasing that we hope are informative as you consider a Honda lease for your next Honda vehicle.

Who Can Lease?

The answer here is everyone who meets the credit qualifications! There is the perception that leasing is only for low mileage drivers, but that simply is not true. There are times when a Stockbridge, GA resident who drives 15,000 miles a year might be benefited by a Honda lease. Whether or not someone is best served with a lease should be determined on an individual basis. The finance team at Willett Honda South can discuss your specific situation with you and help you determine whether leasing might work for you.

Subsequently, just because you are a low mileage driver, leasing isn’t automatically going to be the best option. If you’re the type of Stockbridge, GA customer who likes to customize and modify their vehicles, a Honda lease isn’t going to be for you. Lease agreements do place limits on what you can do to modify or customize the vehicle you are leasing.

The “Nothing to Show for It” Argument

One objection to leasing that we often hear from people who aren’t interested in leasing is that at the end of the lease agreement, “you have nothing to show for it.” This argument is untrue. One thing you have at the end of the lease is options. At the end of the lease, you can buy the vehicle you just leased for the residual value of the vehicle, you can lease a new vehicle, or you can buy a different vehicle. Options are opportunity and opportunity is a great thing to have.

Come Talk Leasing with Us

The finance team at Willett Honda South, in Morrow, GA, love talking leasing with our Stockbridge, GA customers. Complete our credit application and one of our staff will contact you about your Honda lease options today!

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