Tips to ensure you don’t buy a flood damaged vehicle

At Willett Honda South, located in Morrow GA, we and the surrounding areas of Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Stockbridge, and Decatur are unfortunately not strangers to hurricanes and flooding.

A lot can be damaged during these natural disasters, and that includes cars that were waiting to be sold. This is important to know, as unscrupulous folks might take these flood damaged vehicles, make some aesthetic fixes, and sell them to unassuming shoppers.

Not only is this a shady practice since the seller doesn't disclose the information about the car, but flood damaged cars are dangerous.

At our dealership we have a great selection of used vehicles and we'd never sell a vehicle that had been in a flood. We'd love to earn your business too, but if you choose to go with another pre-owned location or do a private sale, here are things to watch out for so that you don't inadvertently take home one of these unethical vehicles. For example, people who buy flood damaged vehicles risk breathing in mold!

Signs a vehicle has been through flood damage

  • Do you notice any musty smells? That's a sign that the car was sitting in water.
  • Open the trunk and check for a line. This could indicate how high standing water once was.
  • Are the lights fogged? Do the drain plugs under the vehicles and doors look like they've been recently removed? That could be a sign that you're looking at a flood vehicle.
  • To hide flood damage, people will detail the interior but make sure you look under the carpets or even inside the glove compartment for stains and sludge.
  • Check under the hood and vehicle for rust; this shouldn't be happening with a recent model-year used vehicle!

You can and should ask for an auto history report, but it's also good to take these proactive steps during this time of hurricanes. If you suspect a private seller or dealership is trying to sell you a flood damaged car, you can contact your insurance company, the police, or reach out to the National Insurance Crime Bureau to ensure that no one else is scammed.

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